CopyExt 2!

For the past few months I’ve been doing various SpiNNaker related things as part of the BIMPA project.  A lot of the tools I’ve been using are Perl scripts that have been designed with Linux in mind, but (to its credit) I’ve been running them through Cygwin without any issues.  Well, when I say any issues, I mean software issues.  Copying and pasting paths between my Windows and Cygwin environments very quickly became a massive pain.  So in what should’ve been my week off, I decided to resurrect a project of mine I wrote back in 2009!

The ancient version (2009!) of CopyExt runing under Windows XP.

The original version was seriously basic and actually arose out of a similar situation.  I was doing a lot of CAD/software stuff during my final year of undergrad and that involved an annoying amount of copying/pasting of filenames.  It broke when I finally got a 64bit operating system but I decided I didn’t really need it any more.  Until, of course, this week!

Commands added to the right-click menu by CopyExt when at least one file is selected.

I’ve finally rewritten it to work for 64bit Windows!  I haven’t broken backwards compatibility though as I still regularly use a Windows XP machine, but that is now the minimum supported operating system. Read More — CopyExt 2!