PowerPython… or PythonPoint… or something

I’ve been meaning to update this for a fair while now as an uncharacteristically large amount of stuff has happened. Since exams finished I’ve managed to get a job at ECS working for two of my lecturers on two separate projects, which is pretty good because it means my work is varied. Both are IC design projects though, so there is a similar vein running through them.

One of my minor duties on this dual-job is to assemble slides from about twelve people into a large presentation, with cover slides for each speaker, every Friday for a progress meeting we all have. Naturally the first Friday I just did it by hand by importing each one in turn into PowerPoint. However it is a fairly tedious job, and to paraphrase a certain member of staff: why do something by hand when I have a powerful computer under the desk?

So I began to investigate automating the process.

Turns out that Python has an IMAP module in its standard library, which isn’t too surprising I suppose as the Python standard library is enormous. After some playing I managed to write a program that logged into my university email account and downloaded the appropriate PowerPoint attachments.

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Term 2 Over

Finally, D4 (our big project of the year) is done and dusted! It was a pretty interesting couple of weeks, despite being filled with stress, aggrovation and late nights. We had to design a fire detection system that could accurately measure temperature, detect smoke and the presence of people from up to four sensors and display that information on a web interface.

The basic design consisted of up to four Sensor nodes that contained a thermistor (measures temperature), smoke sensor from a butchered smoke alarm, and a PIR (Passive InfraRed) detector, and the Central Node which then connected to a PC. Each node had to have a memory to store data in the event of a power or communications failure, and the PC was used to control and monitor the whole system. A database (well, CSV file…) was used to store data from all sensors on the PC and that same file was used by the web interface to display tables and graphs of what was going down.

All in a week…

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