Welcome to my corner of the prodigious internet.

I’m an electronic engineer who is currently studying for a PhD in Electronics at the University of Southampton, and my intention is for this blog to contain some of the cool stuff I come across while trying to do my research.

I have a strong interest in computer science despite having studied electronics.  I spend some of my spare time writing cool programs (at least cool in my opinion) but I’m trying to branch out a bit now I’ve graduated.  It turns out I actually quite like designing PCBs!  I’ve even managed to get a few designed as part of my research!  Maybe I should blog about that…

Anyway, my research interests revolve around the BIMPA and SpiNNaker projects which are a collaborative effort between the universities of Manchester, Southampton, Cambridge and Sheffield.  BIMPA stands for Biologically Inspired Massively Parallel Architectures with the SpiNNaker being the main computer we’re working with.  We’re trying to take inspiration from biology to design an enormous computer with one million processors in it.  That’s not a typo, I do mean one million processors!

It’s all very interesting stuff but as you may imagine, sensibly connecting up that many processors is a serious challenge.  So that’s one of the things I’m involved with at the moment!  I’m working on a system called SpinLink that I actually worked on as an undergraduate but I’m trying to improve the throughput of it.  I intend to blog about it from now on because it needs to be finished fairly soon!

Kier – mad scientist in training.