Title pretty much says it all. I’ve written a Shell Extension!

I can’t remember what I was doing now, but for some reason I needed to copy the full path of some file into some program to do some… thing. I was finding it increasingly annoying that I had to copy the path from the Explorer window, then either hand-transcribe (complete with mistakes) or rename, select all, copy the file name.

“Why can’t I just right click and select Copy Filename or something?” I said to myself, “I wonder…”

So I searched CodeProject for some information on how to write my own damn Shell Extension (with Blackjack and Hookers) and stumbled across this fantastic article by Michael Dunn. In the space of an hour I had managed to learn enough to make half of my extension: I added a context menu item to Explorer!

CopyExt working

Now over to MSDN to learn about the Clipboard and history was made. After around an hour and a half I’d gone from knowing nothing about writing Shell Extensions or using the Clipboard to having a working Shell Extension that used the Clipboard. I love the internet.

This is one of the smallest pieces of code I’ve ever written and, ironically, one of the few projects I consider myself to have finished. For more information, including how to download it, go to the CopyExt page.

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